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Ratio of god 10

Today, I show you the one more irrational ratio.
Its name is the bronze ratio.
This ratio is little understood.

The bronze ratio is expressed like 1 : 2.303... .
As I said, different from golden ratio or silver ratio, this ratio is not considered.
So it is hard to find something which relates the bronze ratio.

This is a iPod shuffle 1st.
The red box in the picture is the bronze tetragon and the regular tetragon.
This product's shape is known to be near the tetragon
that two tandem golden ratio tetragons come in succession in length.
But I think the bronze tetragon and the regular tetragon is nearer.

Its size can be understood if I check it, and then I want to report which is nearer in this blog.

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Ratio of god 9

Silver ratio has a relation with waka, as I said in previous blog.
Waka consists of 31 syllables arranged in 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively
in the first part and 2 lines of 7 syllables each in the second part.

What I'm saying is this 7 and 5 syllables.
5 : 7 = 1 : 1.4
It's near the silver ratio.

This waka is one of the hyakuninn-issyu cards.
It was made in Nara in winter.
And this picture is only the first part.

Please check the second part, as it is hyakuninn-issyu season now.

Ratio of god 8

In Japan, we can find another ratio which has relation with beauty.
The ratio called the silver ratio.
This ratio can be expressed 1:1.414... .

Silver ratio is often called the Japanese Golden Ratio
Because this ratio related to many things in Japan.
For example, in historic landmarks, flora art, Buddha statue and even in haiku.

This tower is the five-story tower in Muroh where is my homeplace.
The width of the top roof and one of the bottom make the silver ratio.

By the way, in autumn, this tower and the scenery around it will be very beautiful.
Please check it, if you have time.

Ratio of God 7

I made mistakes.
And I took the music instrument lightly.

Stradivarius has more golden ratio parts than I think.

We can feel the beauty when the golden ratio is used in several parts.
As the golden ratio gives us the measure of beauty by the "ratio",
we can use its feature in length, angle, box, triangle, and music.

So I make prognostications that the masterpieces which stand the historical test has the golden ratio.
If I find its example, I show you in this blog.

Ratio of God 6

Some say that they can find the golden ratio in music.
They say the music which we feel good has the golden ratio in its rhythm, music scale, and tone.
So I started to find examples.

First I find the music composition made by Mozart.
In Mozart's time, piano sonatas were made up of two sections, the exposition and the recapitulation.
His piano sonata was divided by the golden ratio into this two part.

But I am skeptic.
If he decided to make music by the golden ratio, he should use it many other parts from top to bottom.
So this time, I show you the example of the golden ratio which is connected to the music.


Its whole length and the length from lower bout to upper bout makes the golden ratio.

I must keep finding.
I think the key word is "Béla Bartók".

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