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Optical illusion 6

Today I talked about the optical trick.
Please see this picture.


Do you see what I mean?
The color of the cross over point looks steeping.

This called Neon Diffusion.

I tried some colors.
The degree of diffusion is differ from each colors.

Optical illusion 5

Today, I show you another trick.


It is Munsterberg's optical illusion.

The grey lines are all horizontal, perfectly.
But we can't see like so,
it's because white boxes, black boxes and their relation.

It is a technique for showing horizontal line like inclined one.
For what will you use it?
This trick uses only horizontal lines and vertical lines.
I think it's interesting.

Optical illusion 4

Today, I show you another optical illusion.
Something shaped paper of Japanese fan or cut baumkuchen.


If you are a big eater,
you chose below baumkuchen.

But as you know, two figures are the same at all.
Please compare the each corner.

This is called Jastrow's optic illusion.
I think we tend to compare the upper figure's under curve
and the under figure's upper curve.

To see is to believe.
But eyes cannot be trusted.

Optical illusion 3

Today, I show you the illusion of color.
Our eyes can't see the two circles as the same figures.
They are the same color and the same size.

The difference between them is the color of back and grate.
Using this phenomenon, a circle can be seen another color.

Optical illusion 2

I show you another example.
Please look at this picture.

Yes, these two box is the same (1 and 2).
This illusion is called Wundt Fick illusion.

In general, we tend to see vertical lines long (compare with the horizontal lines).
But in this picture, even it is rotated by 90 degrees,
We see the No.2 box longer (in right figure).

Eyes are negligent.
But we see things by our eyes.
So we should make things considering these fact.

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