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Spacecraft 14

Yesterday, Korea Aerospace Research Institute launched the KSLV-1.
But it failed.

When I see such a news,
I re-realize the difficulty of sending the satellite to the space by the rocket.
In Japan, the topic of the big failure is not heard recently.
But it is absolutely difficult work.

KARI said that they never give up until succeeding.
They don't despair.
I felt that they have guts.
I encouraged by their word as well as Hayabusa's success.

Let's send good things to the space.

Spacecraft 13

In Russia, there is a spaceship that keeps being used since April, 1967.
The name is called Soyuz though I introduced it before.


A basic design of Soyuz is very old.
But it boasts of the established performance.
In addition, any fatal accident has not occurred for 30 years or more.
And the reliability is extremely high.

Soyuz is the only spaceship which can send civilian to travel space.
(to my knowledge)

I hope more reliable ship will make in Japan, and want to go to space travel.

Spacecraft 12

After Apollo project, Attention gathered in Project Skylab in the United States.
10 years ago from landing on the moon, an idea was advocated by Freiherr von Braun.
Its purposes are residence, experiment in space, and observation from space.

At that time, the spaceship was narrow in the age of the Project Mercury,
and the method of living spaces were hardly considered.
In this Project, airframe of Apollo were custom-used.


The idea of this plan is connected directly with present ISS.

By the way applause to this blog exceeded 300.
Really thank you!

Spacecraft 11

The first ship, Apollo 1 had the accident under training on January 27, 1967.
And three astronauts died in Apollo 1.

After this, several unmanned and manned space flight were acquired.
Finally, Apollo 11 became the 1st spacecraft which made the human reach to the moon.
Heroic deed that remains in history of humankind.
It was July 20, 1969.

Famous Neil Alden Armstrong said as below.

I'm at the foot of the ladder.
The LM footpads are only depressed in the surface about 1 or 2 inches,
although the surface appears to be very fine grained, as you get close to it.
It's almost like a powder.
Ground mass is very fine.
I'm going to step off the LM now.
That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

I feel like see this big big news in real time on "color" TV.

Spacecraft 10

The rocket that was used in Apollo Project is called Saturn.

This monster rocket could launch payload of 47,000kg to the moon.

It was developed by the engineer from Germany named Freiherr von Braun.

This rocket was huge.
And, especially, Saturn V rocket was stronger than any other rockets.
Saturn V rocket developed only to send the human to the moon.
Its engine had the highest power in many engines which the human race has developed.

As you know, Saturn V rocket accomplished its mission on July 20, 1969.

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