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Tower 2

According to today's news, the Burj-Dubai is opened.
This tower is the highest in the world.
Its height is about 800 ~ 820m, I think.
But the detail isn't showed, the official announcement will be held tomorrow, 5 January.

I want to go up to this tower, but don't want to live in it.
In Dubai, off course there is earthquake.
I remember the Alpide belt.

The amplitude at the upper part of this tower is terrible, I think.
Mechanism that opposes earthquake is one of the keywords in such a high-rise building.
I want to know for what kind of mechanism to be adopted in this tower.

Tower 1

I live in Suita, Osaka.
There is a famous tower near my house.

This is called "Tower of the Sun", and created by Japanese artist Taro Okamoto in 1970.
We usually see its front view , and sometimes see its back view.
So this time, I show you the side view which my friend from childhood took.

I like this picture.
And I found the fresh attraction of this tower in this picture.
Its highest face looks like the moon against this tower's name.

Different angle gives us the different impression.
We should be conscious of what we want to show and how we express it.

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