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Last week, the Leonids were observed in many places.
It could be watch in November 10 - 21.
And its peak was Nov. 17.

Of course, I tried to watch.
But it was cloudy.
In addition, there were too many lights in Osaka.

Too bad.

But the Leonids can be watched every year.
I'll keep on trying to watch hope to take beautiful pictures someday.

In 1966, a spectacular storm.


Long time no see.

Today I talked about Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.

I introduced you about this comet in article about space burial.
One of its detecter was sleeping on the moon.

By the way this comet is really famous.
It is because it hit the Jupiter.
And human could observe it.

Can you see?
Human could see the collision of object
outside the atmosphere of the earth for the first time.

And this event was a rare phenomenon once in about 1000 years
that the comet of this scale collides with the Jupiter.

Moreover, the impact scar also had the same size as the earth.
The event which is related celestial object is really spectacular.

Forming 2

I referred to the "Terraforming".
Its possibility is unknown.
Some can be useful.
I sincerely doubt others.
Many candidates are hardly known.

But I forgotten the most important candidate.
The Earth, here.
About 10% of our planet is desert.

If we can change other planet's environment,
we also can our planet partially.
In reverse, we can test our technology of Terraforming in our planet.


Recently I saw the animation which referred the "Terraforming".
I only thought the word Terraforming is cool when I first listened this word.

Terraforming means to change the planet's condition.
Atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology.

In fact, it is thought possible.
The candidates are
Mercury, the moon, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Titan, and Ceres.

This picture shows Mercury and it was taken by Messenger.
Some people say that in theory, we can change this planet to the one like our Earth.
Do you think it is possible?


Did you see the Perseids?
This year, some condition were really good.

It is said that, there are three major meteoric swarms.
These are all seen every year.
But I haven't seen all of them.


As I don't know much about astronomical event,
please tell some interesting events.

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