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Earthquake, fire, tsunami, coldness, supply shortage and radioactivity.

But we can't look away.
We should do our best.

Today our lab made an icon.
Please use it and other formal icons.
Download here.



I have worked part-time since I entered the university.
Finally I will call them quits.

As I am a cram school teacher,
this season I always become taut.

Today I got a delightful news.
One of my students passed her preferred school.
But many students haven't sit an exam.

I really hope their acceptance.
They will be my last students.


Super Sonic

March 2 is a special day for airplane lovers.
Today in 1969, the Concorde flew for the first time.

You know, its speciality is that it can fly at super sonic speed.
Concorde isn't the first airplane which can fly at super sonic.
But It is the first airplane in term of it can carry passengers.
It is twice as high altitude airplane in normal flight, flying at Mach 2.0.

Unfortunately, it all retired.
I want to see it flying at least, in safe area.


Night Scene

These days, I often watch the beautiful night scene.
Fortunately I have the chance to do so.

In talking about night scene, the best 3 in the world is...

-Napoli in Italy
-Hong Kong in China
-Hakodate in Japan

Though I lived in Japan for 25 years,
I haven't been in Hakodate before.


I want to watch them with my own eyes, not in pictures.


My blog couldn't be logged in!
But now I can write this blog.

I became 25 years old.
And this year, I feel there is a turning point in my life.

I'll be counting on you.

By the way, I really interested in "Tyche".
Do you know it?
Does it really exist?

I will watch follow-up carefully.


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